Selfridges x Strength:
Potency — Tough As Leather

“Tough As Leather”  is an ode to leather. As one of our oldest, strongest and most-storied fabrics, the film explores the potency of leather — its strength and suppleness, lived in wrinkles and untouched smoothness.

for Selfridges

Behind The Scenes


Executive Producer Mary Calderwood at Knucklehead
Producer Tina Pawlik
Director of Photography Matthew Taylor
Art Director Anna Lomax
Stylist Adam Winder
Hair Yoshi Miyazaki
Make Up Nobuko Maekawa
Editor Philip Currie
Post & Grade Studio Private
Cast Ryan Skelton, Andrei Lenart, Lina MacMillan
Voice Actor Adam Malinofsky
Poem written by Elisha Smith-Leverock Esser and Silver Room
Sound and composition by Silver Room Productions

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