Rejoice Resist

For In The Blk x Equator Productions - Film Noirs at Paris Fashion Week
Produced by Lief 

IN THE BLK collective is a 501(c) founded by Victor Glemaud, it exists to unify and build solidarity and economic independence for Black individuals in the global fashion industry—focusing on three pillars: Political, Economic and Innovation.

“Rejoice Resist is a film that celebrates and shows Black Joy and Black pleasure as the ultimate form of resistance. It highlights the importance of allowing yourself to feel joy especially in the face of adversity.

The idea for the film was conceived while being isolated at home, with an onslaught of bad news and worse news ever present in my social media feed. I looked to how we comfort each other, what we share and how we connect. Rejoice Resist is also a commentary on current meme culture which members of the Black community have been sharing to up-lift each other in these emotionally fraught times. This content is far more than frivolous distraction - it is a survival tool.

The mission of IN THE BLK is to uplift and support and I am proud to have been able to be a part of this endeavour with my film and very grateful to the ITB designers who have entrusted me to uplift their art in this way.”
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Behind The Scenes



Written & Directed by: Elisha Smith-Leverock
Producer: Margo Mars
Production Company: Lief
Executive Producer: Ashely Cimone (Equator Productions)
Director of Photography: Nathalie Pitters
Animator: Jenille Brown
Production Designer: Paix Robinson
Editor: Ryan Boucher
Colourist: Yoomin Lee

Sound Designer: Rucyl Frison
Music Supervisor: Ben Smith-Leverock-Esser
Movement Director: Natricia Bernard
1st Assistant Director: Giselle Garcia
Costume Designers: Ade Samuel & Memsor Kamarake

Featuring Designs by: Aliétte, Amber Raye, Beads Byaree, Brother Vellies, Dixie Graze, Épifenē, Fe Noel, The House of RG, KHIRY, Kai Collective, L’Enchanteur, Marty Moto, Nooni, OLTR London, Sheer Suga, Third Crown, 90zBack.

Casting Director: Kharmel Cochrane

WOMAN: Rhoda Ofori-Attah 

YOUNG WOMAN: Shanice Weeks-Brown

WOMAN 1: Shaniqua Okwok

WOMAN 2: Zakyia Wellington

BTS pictures by Betty Martin

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