I want Muscle

“I want Muscle” is a film that plays with taboos and gender stereotypes. It aims to explore a different kind of female beauty. It provides a glimpse into the world of Kizzy Vaines, a female bodybuilder. The only British competitor for the Olympia Fitness title in Las Vegas.

The visual aesthetic and soundtrack of the film are reminiscent of the glamour of the late 70s and early 80s, the golden age of female bodybuilding. It pays homage to the pioneering goddesses of the sport like Lisa Lyon and Rachel Mclish.

I wanted to shoot a muscle worship film but taken out of a fetish context. The idea was to break with traditional ideas of femininity in fashion and play with imagery that is conventionally perceived as glamourous, sexy, soft and feminine to then juxtaposed with displays of pure strength and shots of the grueling pain and discipline that is involved in achieving this type of physique.

This film was made possible with the help of Creature London, KnockKnock and Stamp London.

Winner ASVOFF MK2 Grand Prix


Creature of London presents
I Want Muscle a film by Elisha Smith-Leverock

a Knock Knock
featuring Kizzy Vaines

Executive producers Rob Hughes and Daniel Chaput De Saintonge
Produced by Kate Hinton
Styled by Kim Howells
Make-up by Yin Lee
Hair by Adrian Clark
Photographed by Justin Brown
Art Direction by Anna Lomax and Lizzie King
Edited by Ryan Boucher
Colourist Aubrey Woodiwiss
in co-operation with Stamp London

Behind The Scenes

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